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Care For the Pregnent Mothers

During Pregnancy, Pregnant mother’s need more care because they are immunocompromised and they are more prone to have infections as well as pregnancy might get complicated with high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels, fits etc. Which might affect to the baby as well as mother. Because of that, they might need to attend more hospital visits for the antenatal clinics as well as they need more supervised in home care.

Due to fast-paced lifestyle for your family members, it may be more difficult to give more supervision to the pregnant mother. Because of that vibrant home nursing service introduce new nursing aid services to pregnant mothers, to help pregnant mothers at home and give more supervised care and if there is any emergency our nurses can immediately attend to it and take action to transport the pregnant mother to the nearest hospital.

We also provide our nursing care even after the delivery of the baby to help the mother with the baby and accompany the mother to the postnatal clinics with the baby as well as babysitting.

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